Learn how to build web3 projects directly from successful web3 builders.

Web3 has rewritten many rules about building products, acquiring users & collaboration. Composability, open data, airdrops, tokens, DAOs – all these things can be confusing even for web3 native people, let alone people who’re just entering the space.

Web3 Talks is a place to learn the nuts & bolts of web3 by listening to the stories of successful web3 projects. You can learn what has worked and what hasn’t, so you don’t repeat their mistakes.

As we’re focused on builders, we don’t talk high-level VC stuff like “What is Metaverse?” or trading-oriented things such as “Which coin should you invest in 2022?”.

Instead, we focus on questions such as “How have you acquired first users?”, “How do you take care of your community?” or “What were the biggest technical challenges that you’ve faced so far?”

Our vision is to be a place that inspires fellow hackers & entrepreneurs to build their own web3 projects that will define the future of the web.

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